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Re: [BKARTS] Hot Stamping

In a message dated 11/11/03 8:48:30 PM, applefire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< I do most of my hot stamping w/ a Kwik Print. However, I  once saw a binder

use his hand palette to lift the gold off the foil & then hot stamp

directly onto the leather spine. When I try this myself, it doesn't work.

Any hints as to how I can do this successfully?  >>

I don't see how it would be possible to   "lift the gold off the foil". It
will stick to the heated tool that is being used.
What you must have seen was a binder lifting Gold Leaf from a gold cushion --
a traditional way to apply gold. Glaire (adhesive) had been applied to the
leather, the gold was picked up with a heated tool/letter/pallet, and then
applied (impressed) into the leather. The heat activates the glaire and the gold
sticks. The most common method is to lightly adhere the gold leaf to the leather
and then apply the heated tool. "Picking-up" the gold leaf is another
In the case of Gold Foil, the carrier (Mylar) is on the top, the gold is the
middle layer, and the adhesive is on the bottom. Therefore, we have to apply
heat through the carrier to get the gold to adhere to a surface.

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