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[BKARTS] Deep Relief photopolymer bases (cross-posted)

I'm happy to announce the arrival of the Boxcar Deep Relief Grid Bases for
letterpress printing with photopolymer plates!

The Deep Relief are a new series of Boxcar Bases that have been ground lower
to accommodate a thicker 0.060" plastic-backed photopolymer plate. We
designed this base specifically for printing on a platen press. These bases
are easier to use on a platen because the form rollers will have less
likelihood of inking the backing of the polymer plate--the backing is
farther from the surface of the plate. Needless to say, the Deep Relief base
can also drive your plate further into the paper; printers who want deep
impression on extra thick paper stocks can now experience the ease and
security of plastic-backed photopolymer.

We stock the Deep Relief bases in four sizes: 19x13, 12x9, 9x6, and
7-1/2x4-1/2. The Deep Relief Grid has red registration lines permanently
marked on the surface in 0.25" increments. The costs for the base are the
same as for our Standard Grid Base--online at:

The unprocessed plates for the Deep Relief, called KF152, are roughly 50%
more expensive that the plates for our Standard Grid Base. Because of the
cost difference, our platemaking service will charge an extra $0.05 per
square inch for processing plates on KF152 material.

We'll continue to stock the Boxcar Standard Grid base for 94FL (0.037"
thick) plates. In many cases this "standard" thickness might be better for
your application: 94FLs are less expensive, have plenty of drive for all but
the thickest stocks, and have a matte surface that resists ink squeeze. 94FL
plates appear better able to process extremely detailed work. The chief
advantage of the Deep Relief Base is for platen press users who have trouble
keeping their inking rollers from hitting the plate backing.

You can find more information about these products online at the link above.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on or off list.


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