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[BKARTS] Re:   BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 11 Nov 2003 to 12 Nov 2003 (#2003-311)

In a message dated 11/12/03 9:02:55 PM, LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> With infared (non-contact) thermonitors going for as low as $50, this
> shouldn't be a problem anymore.
> D T Fletcher

Foil Stamping:

Yes! this non contact thermometer is very cool. I also use a digital instant
read to check tool temperature. It is amazing what a range of release
temperatures my various foils work at.

I believe   you can order foils that release at very spesific temperatures,
Crown leaf offers a chioce. I might be remembering this incorrectly but it is
easily verified.

I also find that foils have a shelf life. Might be years but some older foils
don't release very well. They are retained for special effects, like "faked

T. Ely

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