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[BKARTS] 22 x 17 Boxcar Base available (cross-posted)

We have in stock two 22" x 17" Boxcar Standard Grid bases as a "limited
edition". These will fit snugly in the large Vandercook beds of the 219, the
Universal III, or the SP-20. These bases would also love to find a new home
in a Kelly or Heidelberg cylinder chase.

Holding tight tolerances when machining such a large piece of aluminum is a
challenge, but every 22" x 17" base we manufactured in this lot only has +/-
0.0005 inch variation in thickness. That's truly "minimal makeready"!

There is more information on our Boxcar Standard Grid Bases online at:
There is no mention of the 22 x 17 Base on our website at the moment so
please contact me directly if you'd like to place an order. The cost for
this 45 lbs mega-base is $915 plus shipping costs.

Unless there is an outpouring of interest, we will not continue to stock
this size when these two bases sell.


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