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Re: [BKARTS] Gold line on bands

Apropos the discussion of hand tooling with foil, we have been working on
foiling the peak of the ridges of bands with a dotted line pallet.  The
difficulty is getting the dotted line perfectly straight, and right on the peak
of the ridge.  The slightest deflection is obvious.  Stretching the foil and
taping it down on either side gives a reasonable view of the top area of the
band, and where to place the tool.  However, to move the pallet along the whole
length of the ridge without any deflection seems to require more of a broader
view of the band than is given.  The foil is too stiff.  The technique certainly
works with gold leaf.  Are there any foils which are so thin as to hug the bands
right down the valley to the level of the book?  Or perhaps it is rather a
little lateral thinking here in relation to technique, which we are not quite
picking up?

Thank you if you can help.

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