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Re: [BKARTS] Gold line on bands

I've had better luck getting lines straight by tooling in blind first. The foil can then be stretched as you suggest and you'll see the indentation to tool through again. Nailing the dotted line pallet may be a little tougher than simple straight lines...  To stretch the foil, here's what I do: Cut a piece of board that when put into the finishing press with the book, comes up perhaps 1/2" short. I usually put this board at the back cheek of the press (with the spine oriented left to right rather than vertically.) Cut the foil into thin strips perhaps 2" longer than the width of your book (and scotch-tape one end to that back piece of binder's board. Holding the wheel or pallet in my right hand, I pull the foil tightly over the band with my left hand, stretching it enough for the foil to highlight the blind line already tooled. This works very well for simple straight-line tools, but is no substitute for using leaf on more complex patterns.


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