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[BKARTS] Paper the Art and the craft

The opening of the show featuring well know artists working with paper and artist books like Peter & Donna Thomas, Daniel Kelm, Robbin Silverberg, Judy Hoffman, Susan Gaylord and our RI dedicated artists Ann Grasso, Kathleen Hancock,Walter Feldman and Liliana Fijman went very well. Thanks to all who came to visit and made possible  an afternoon full of good energy and conversation. Thanks to those of you on the list that responded to the first posting.  As a curator of this project I am most satisfied with the response from the public that was invited to participate in a series of workshops related to the exhibition. I will be posting more on the subject. Happy pulping and all things paper.  PS a quote from Henri Matisse that one of our very thoughtful artists brought to the opening: " "...success is prison, and the artist must never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner  of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success, etc. Did not the Goncourt brothers write that Japanese artists of the great period changed their names several times during their lives? This pleases me: they wanted to protect their freedom"  
It pleases me too. I feel free from highs and lows, just great satisfaction. smiles to all who are reading.  Liliana

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