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[BKARTS] A recommendation

Hi everyone. I had an incredible experience tonight and wanted to share it,
in case any of you have opportunity in the future to see the same dance
company. Cloud Gate performed a piece called Cursive, that I think would appeal to
any bookmaker, calligrapher, tai chi practitioner, dance lover, theater lover or
music lover (have I missed anyone - yes, you too).

The combination of the dancers, the lighting design, and the music was
nothing short of perfect. Dancers use their bodies to imitate and recreate Chinese
calligraphic marks and gestures, at the same time that the lighting creates
single pages, overlapping pages, scrolls unrolled on the stage itself and scrims
behind the stage are illuminated with calligraphy. The music is entirely cello
and percussion and also upholds, illuminates, underscores and supports the
dancers' movements. For anyone familiar with tai chi and martial arts, there is
such focus and control and so much evidence of breath to support the movements
that you sit on the edge of your seat and breathe with the dancers,
remembering all the things your tai chi master taught you and wondering why (perhaps)
you have let that activity lapse when it feels so wonderful. There were so many
references to pages, books, writing, the focused attention required of those
who make art (of any kind), that I was entralled and energized. There is a
segment when all of the male dancers are on stage. the lighting consists of a
page of Chinese calligaphy which (if you are Chinese) is readable on the back
scrim and flows, unreadably, onto the stage itself. The dancers move through this
white on black calligraphy, their bodies only illuminated when they are
within the calligraphic marks.

Sorry to go on and on and I hope your interest is excited and you do seek
them out if they are ever appearing near where you are. I wish very much they
were going to be here in Minneapolis at least one more day, as I would tell
everyone (certainly every bookmaker, calligrapher, writer, dancer, musician and tai
chi practitioner) I know to please, please go see them. Barbara Harman

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