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Re: [BKARTS] An open book

I am very interested in the discussion about An Open Book. I am the
organizer of this juried show and I came up with this idea because of
my experiences in showing my own books.

I have had very disappointing experiences in seeing how my books have
been displayed in galleries. If I am not able to set up the books
myself,  I have come to the gallery - or museum- and seen the books
crowded together on small pedestals, kept in their folios or
generally not shown to their best advantage. Many times when I am at
an opening reception of my work I still see people look at a piece
from all angles- but not touch or open it, even with a sign that
urges them to do so- and say" Oh how nice" but walk away without
seeing all that I labored over inside the covers. I have grown very
frustrated with the medium because of this.

But instead of giving up making books, I have decided to take the
display issue into consideration when creating a book. Luckily it has
not been a problem because the structure and the concept have always
been integral to the whole process and has worked well for me. I have
also made some interesting discoveries and structures while pursuing
this avenue.

I am  organizing this show at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland
Ohio, where I am the director,  because I love making books and want
to expose others to the medium. We have no budget to speak of though
we have a great space located within the library. My co- director and
I have been brainstorming ideas of how to display the work when we
open the show. We have some very nice glass cases and pedestals. We
may design and build some kind of shelf units to attach to walls. We
may have guided tours, as was suggested, where people, or the tour
guides, can touch the work. BUT, with the concept behind the show,
hopefully your intent as an artist can be fully explored by the
viewer- without interaction, which would need to be overseen by a
gallery crew or security that we don't have.

I thank Roberta, Laurie, Tom and Barbara for their thoughts and
suggestions about how to display books in a gallery setting. They
have put forth  some great ideas and I hope that we can  incorporate
some of them. But I also hope that artists can take advantage of this
idea of an AN OPEN BOOK and create some fascinating new books.

I hope you  continue the discussion  because this is an ongoing
problem that should be addressed.

If you would like more information about An Open Book please go to the website-

Julie Friedman
Director - Gallery West- Western Campus
Cuyahoga Community College
Cleveland, Ohio

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