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[BKARTS] gloves for exhibitions

Regarding using gloves for exhibitions, Signa/Judy Houghteling wrote:

> I guess in that setting the white gloves were useful, but the conservators
> know don't like them because they are slippery.  Good, clean hands are the
> best, they say.
> Signa/Judy Houghteling

Our Book Arts Guild has had two exhibits and have provided gloves for both
of them.  I know that others have mentioned that gloves can become dirty and
hence not very useful.  What we found by providing the gloves was that the
patron became immediately part of the exhibit just by putting on the gloves.

Given "permission" now to pick up the books brought much joy and they felt
an interaction with the art they wouldn't have just by looking.  Some books
beg to be examined, others (such as an accordion structure) can sit on a
shelf and just be admired.  We were very fortunate not to have damaged books
at the end of the month long exhibits and did put some "under glass" if
requested by the artist.

If the book is also for sale and is one-of-a-kind, then handling becomes a
problem.  A person who purchases the book during the exhibit has to agree to
leave it until the end of the show.  In this case it is probably not a good
idea to have it handled and possibly be damaged.

Obviously, there is no clear cut solution.

d. guffey
North Redwoods Book Arts Guild

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