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[BKARTS] rebinding paperbacks into hardbound...

hello everyone.  i'm trying to go through the archives, but having a hard
time finding this thread.  there was a discussion a few months ago about
how to rebind a paperback book into a hardbound book that lays flat.  i've
been to the website below, and will most likely use this method to rebind
the books.  i'm going to color-copy the spine and use photoshop to create
a new "cover".  i'll print that out and use it as my bookcloth, maybe
backing it with bookcloth...

what i'm thinking is that i just won't try to change the spine as it is at
all.  i'll paste in some new endsheets and leave the real cover of the
book as is.

yes, it's ghetto.

does anyone have any other ideas on how i could accomplish this?  i
remember the thread of conversation, as i said, but i can't find it.  the
book is perfect bound -- no sewing at all.

here is the website that i am thinking of following:


thanks for any ideas!

- kristen kakos

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