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Re: [BKARTS] Handling books

> I have the same issue with textiles. I also work in textiles and part of the reason is because of the haptic quality of the materials. Since
there are textile (and paper) items that have survived relatively
unscathed at least from the middle ages, obviously a bit of careful
touching and a bit of natural oil isn't the end of the world.

Um, I don't know what happens when you tour a book exhibit, but I recently took Quilt 21,
which I curate, to the Chicago International Quilt Festival . . . we had 20,000 people come
through in 3 days.  During a gallery showing we get from 4 to 7 thousand in a 10 week period
. . . this is way more than a bit of natural oil . . . and most books are far more fragile
than art quilts.


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