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Re: [BKARTS] Tombo Adhesive

In a message dated 11/18/03 3:10:55 PM, simplybooks@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< . It comes in a nifty little applicator that you

roll onto your paper and it lays down a line of adhesive about 1/4" wide

that seems like a thin two sided tape.  >>

I know there are people who like double stick tape and swear by it - but I do
not have much positive to say about it. First I do not trust its continual
sticking power, and am afraid that evenually things made with it will fall apart.

But my more immediate frustration is the way it comes out, or doesn't come
out of its nifty little applicator. I have in my possession - 2 different
applicators, from 2 different companies - and a refill for each - making a total of
4 rolls of tape.
ALL have stopped working, gotten tangled, or somehow otherwise have decided
not to work after only a short time.
The last time I tried it, I took a deep breath, bought a new applicator and
used it in a workshop - I used it twice, someone across the table from me
wanted to borrow it (she had forgotten to bring doubled sided tape). When she
returned it to me, it would no longer work. Since I have had 3 other disappointing
experiences with this stuff, I watched her, while I held my breath as she used
it. She in no way "abused" the tape, nor used it incorrectly. But after only
3 swipes of this thing - it would no longer work.
Someday, I will mail these unusable tape dispensers back to the companies and
ask for replacements. But in the mean time, I just stew over the waste of my
money and wonder what it is that others find in them that they often come so
highly recommended.
I guess in summary, I would say "save your money."

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