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[BKARTS] Tombo Adhesive

The Tombo adhesive I have had on my work desk for at least 2 years is not a
double faced tape. The container is double ended - one end is a pen tip
which dispenses a viscous liquid not unlike PVA in a narrow bead while the
other end is a broad tip for wider application. It is temporary or permanent
according to the method of application. For temporary adhesion, apply the
adhesive and allow to dry thoroughly.Then position and reposition as you
need.  For permanent adhesion, position when wet and allow to dry.

As I said I haven't used the bottle for at least two years and have
forgotten what I used it for. When I tested it just now, I was surprised to
find it still works, the glue has not dried and still flows just as it did
when new, in contrast to glue sticks supposed to be archival which are
unusable in a short time, probably because I don't use them very often and
it's too hard for me to remember to put the cap back on.

Betty Storz

PO Box 542
Mendocino, CA
95460   707-937-2202

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