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Re: [BKARTS] Epi - prologue

The Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed. recently published) has a good
discussion of the parts of a book, including front matter and back matter.

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Subject: Epi - prologue

> Hello all,
> A friend of mine is producing a book in which he will
> be including a written piece at the end of the book
> that will refer to events that took place before the
> beginning of the book. In movie terms, this might be
> called a prequel. What would this be called in book
> terms?
> He definitely wants it at the end of the book so it
> wouldn't be a prologue. Does an epilogue only describe
> events after those which are in the book? Or does it
> describe any written words that happen to come after
> the main piece? Or is there a completely different
> literary term for this device?
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