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[BKARTS] Sept & Nov Pudding, and class in Portland, Oregon

For those interested in the Gocco, a couple of announcements:

1) A belated and a very belated announcements for the November and
September issues of Pudding.  The Sept issue takes you through the
steps to create a duotone print by using b&w copier output.  The
November issue tries out different media to create a print with
texture, shading, or brushstrokes.  To see descriptions of both, go to
the web at


and scroll down to the 3rd thumbnail.  Sorry about the late
announcements, things have been pretty busy.  If you are interested in
the September issue, you can buy it at the regular price and not the
back-issue price.  And if you'd like to subscribe, you can start at the
September issue, or earlier, if you wish.

2) For those in the Portland, Oregon area, I'm teaching a class that
will be a good introduction to the gocco.  It's a holiday card making
class at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. Details for the class
can be found at the Garden's web site at:


Just scroll down to the card making class. All the sign up information
is on their web site. One clarification, the picture they show on the
web site is actually a book, more involved than what we will be doing
on Dec 6th.  It is, however, printed with the gocco.

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