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[BKARTS] Unikat


I am new to BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, so I hope I am sending this correctly. Please feed back if I don't.

ref. Michael Würzberger
Several artists published by Thomas Günther's Edition Galerie auf Zeit & Edition Dschamp, amongst them Michael Würzberger, are currently showing their work at the 'Städtische Galerie' in the German town Speyer. I have no URL, but can suggest that you try to find the official URL for this small town, which might link you to their town-run public gallery. The show will run till 7 Dec 2003.

ref. Unikat
The major new unabridged edition of The New Collins German Dictionary. (1999. 4th ed.) says:

Unikat, nt -(e)s, -e unique specimen; ein ~ sein to be unique (Note: or to be a unique specimen)

It also lists:

Unikum, nt -s, -s or Unika unique thing; ein ~ a curiosity; a rarity; inf. real character or a real character person


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