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Re: [BKARTS] Salary Survey

>Average sales for full-time book arts: $75,000
>Average sales for part-time book arts: $5,000

>Average sales for full-time paper arts: $210,000
>Average sales for part-time paper arts: $67,400

>Where do they live (I want to move there!). Barbara Harman

Actually, ther numbers don't surprise me. It would be useful to know how
they got the figures, and what the Crafts Report identifies as book arts or
paper arts. I would assume a bookbinder is book arts and a papermaker is
paper arts.

$75,000 in sales is not a lot of money for a full time bookbinder. Sales is
gross, not net.  For example, If I have $40,000 in expenses in an average
year and I were to make $75,000 in average sales that would leave me with
an average income of $35,000. Now if you are living in New York City and
paying $2,500/month for a 1-bedroom apartment in a not particularly spiffy
part of town, that would set you back $30,000, leaving you $5,000 for food,
clothing, and everything else, i.e., under $100/week. You can eat out one
time in NYC for that. Now Barbara, are you sure you still want to move
there?  ;>}

It's interesting to see how much better the paper crafts appear to do. If a
papermaker can make 25 sheets an hour (which may require paying an
assistantor two) eight hours a day, and sell them wholesale for $4/sheet,
they would have sales around $210,000. Or they could make fewer sheets and
sell some retail at $8.  Either way, it's a lot of work, and the cost of
pulp (linters, rags, abaca, or whatever) and labor, plus equipment
maintenance, rent or mortgage on the building, etc., would not leave a heck
of a lot left over, even though the gross sales amount is about three times
what the book craftsperson is pulling in.

What is more interesting to me is that the part time paper artisan produces
1/3 of what the full timer does, while the part time bookie is bringing in
less than 7% of the full timer.


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