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Re: [BKARTS] spine board

We use a  10 point spine lining "board" which is like card stock weight.
I get it from Conservation Resources http://www.conservationresources.com/
It's called .010 Lignin free Type I Folder stock.  It's sold by the sheet -
with different sizes available - minimum of 25.

Depending on how old the how-to book was - it may have been recommending
red rope which is highly acidic - and no longer recommended for spine linings.

Michelle Venditelli

At 01:03 PM 11/21/03 -0500, you wrote:
Yesterday a student showed me a how-to bookbing book that recommended they
she use spine board. From the photo ot looked like a light weight board that
came in a roll and maintained the curve when you cut it to use on the
spine of a
book. The book also said that it was useful in making boxes. Does anyone know
more about this material and where it can be purchased--the how-to book did
not give any buying information.
Patricia Grass

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