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Re: [BKARTS] spine board

I saw a similar reference on Page 10 in Ferrari & Fiorucci's "Paper Crafting Beaautiful Book Covers, Boxes & Frames" and I have always wondered where they got it. It appears from the picture that it is the same as the other "grey" boards they mention. It is interesting to note that they mention the specs of thickness of all the other boards they use but refers to the "spine board" only as "thin light weight board". They do mention a  bit later that it comes in a sheet, however, not a roll but it certainly looks rolled in the picture.. It would certainly be nice for decorative round box making.
Does anyone know to what they are referring?

At 01:03 PM 11/21/03 EST, you wrote:
>Yesterday a student showed me a how-to bookbing book that recommended they
>she use spine board. From the photo ot looked like a light weight board that
>came in a roll and maintained the curve when you cut it to use on the spine of a
>book. The book also said that it was useful in making boxes. Does anyone know
>more about this material and where it can be purchased--the how-to book did
>not give any buying information.
>Patricia Grass

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