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Re: [BKARTS] Salary Survey

I think that these numbers are probably pretty representative of the CRAFTS
REPORT audience.  The target audience for that magazine is largely made up
of people who do art and fine craft shows, wholesale to gift shops and
galleries, etc.  The magazine actually did a feature on Artist's Books and
Paper Artists in a recent issue (August, maybe?), which was a pleasant
surprise to me.

I am a new part-time 'book artist' who recently started doing art and craft
fairs, and I find that $5,000 is probably a realistic average, in terms of
gross sales on a part-time yearly basis, among those who do those types of
shows.  What is missing from these numbers is that booth fees at shows range
from $100 - $1000, and fees for wholesale shows run upwards of $2,500.  A
full-time book artist who has photo albums or journals in many gift shops
and galleries probably does sell upwards of $75,000 gross -- subtract their
materials costs, overhead, etc., and that's really not so much take home..

I'm curious to see what other categories report as their average sale.

Ann Kingman
Ann Kingman Books

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Subject: Salary Survey

> The December issue of Crafts Report has a fascinating survey of gross and
> average sales from various types of fine crafters: ceramic artists, fiber
> artists, furniture artists and so on. Amazingly, book arts and paper arts
> both received their own categories (very nice to see).
> Here are the results:
> Average sales for full-time book arts: $75,000
> Average sales for part-time book arts: $5,000
> Average sales for full-time paper arts: $210,000
> Average sales for part-time paper arts: $67,400
> Is anyone else as astounded by these numbers as I am? I think this could
> a fascinating discussion topic. Anyone care to validate or invalidate
> numbers?
> Have a good day,
> Laura Russell
> Bellingham, WA
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