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[BKARTS] parchment makers in Europe

Hey All,
I sent in an inquiry a few weeks ago, but didn't get any bites. I thought
I'd rephrase the question. I am trying to do some research on traditional/
historical methods of parchment making. I'm looking for any one who might
still be making parchment in Europe. I know about Henk DeGroodt and Cowleys
already. I'd think somewhere in the nooks and crannies in Italy, or France
or Spain, or elsewhere, there are some other parchment makers still working
that maybe people have heard about through word of mouth(it seemed to work
OK for me).
In a related question, does Mr. Jiri Vnoucek work at the Czech National
Library and does anyone have contact information for him?
Any leads would be great. Thanks.
Jesse Meyer

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