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Re: [BKARTS] Salary Survey

>Jeez, Richard, I think I'm gonna get my real estate license.

>Patrice Baldwin

It's a normal migration for artists, Pat ;>}

In the 80's I coined a term, "Yappies." The art version of Yuppies. Young
Art Professionals. They consisted of groups of five people who went to
school together. One became an artist, one an art dealer, one a museum
curator, one an art critic, and one an art collector. They would
periodically switch roles: The artist became a curator,  the curator became
a critic, the critic became a collector, the collector became a dealer, and
the the dealer became an artist. The all lived in the East Village (in
Manhattan, between Ave. A and Ave. C, from 5th through 10th St.) and were
in the real estate business.

They actually made millions of dollars converting a neighborhood of
run-down drug tenements into a trendy neighborhood.


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