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Re: [BKARTS] Completed the Gospel of Saint Mark Hand Written and Illuminated

oh my gosh, I am so sorry ... I was joking with my husband and that was
supposed to go to him, not the whole list.  I actually *am* that obsessive

James, I am so terribly sorry -- it really wasn't meant as it read over the
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From: "Ann Kingman" <artmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 4:55 PM
Subject: Re: Completed the Gospel of Saint Mark Hand Written and Illuminated

> If I ever become this obsessive about anything, shoot me....
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> From: "James Pepper" <Biblescribe@xxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 4:40 PM
> Subject: Completed the Gospel of Saint Mark Hand Written and Illuminated
> >         After two and a half years I have completed my second edition of
> the
> > Gospel of Saint Mark, an illuminated manuscript completely hand made by
> one
> > man. Whereas I completed the New Testament several years ago, I decided
> make
> > a very ornate illuminated manuscript of the 4 Gospels to reflect our
> times.  I
> > do not use computers to make this Bible, I do it the old fashioned way
> it
> > has been done for the past 2000 years, as it is a devotion, and to
> understand,
> > to know, and to share the experiences of all those who have done this
> before
> > me.  I rely on inspiration and faith to design each page, from the
> to
> > the handwriting, to the illuminations and illuminated text, everything
> done
> > from scratch, you can see the hand of the man who made it!
> >        It is the Authorized Version of 1611 otherwise known as the King
> James
> > Version and I have the blessings of His Holiness John Paul II, the
> Archbishop
> > of York, the Bishop of Durham, the Bishop of Peterborough who is the
> of
> > the Liturgical Commission of the Anglican Communion and I am correcting
> the
> > punctuation using a Bible given to me by the Archbishop of Canterbury
> this
> > purpose. Pages of my Bible were placed on display in Florence last year
> and the
> > year before at the City and the Book Congresses and at the Calligraphy
> > Workshops following the Congresses.  And I have been invited to show the
> Bible at
> > the Congresses in Florence again in 2004 and in 2005 at Jarrow (Northern
> > England, the home of Bede and the church that directed the making of the
> Codex
> > Amiatinus and the Lindisfarne Gospels in the 7th and 8th centuries).
> >         It is 121 pages in length not including the Chi Rho page and the
> > cross pages, and I am scanning it now and have it about half way done in
> the
> > scanning. I thank everyone on the Book Arts List who have given me
> suggestions on
> > the scanning of this Bible and particularly to the folks at the Getty
> Museum
> > for their efforts. The difficulty in the scanning is the reflection of
> gold,
> > silver, copper, steel, and bronze reflections.  Particularly in the
> filigree
> > work, the etching of the metals. This is not a subject that is normally
> > addressed and it is extremely difficult to get the scans to look
> It got to
> > the point where I had a collection of Adobe Photoshop Gurus arguing over
> the
> > procedure as they found it most difficult.  It seems that the simplest
> things
> > become the most complicated in our modern world!  Computers are used to
> scan
> > the work to print it, but as far as the manuscript is concerned it is a
> > completely hand made work.  These same problems are found in the imaging
> of the Book
> > of Kells and other great Bibles. The manuscript is 11 by 14 inches in
> and
> > will be a large book.
> >        Each chapter I used a different historical manuscript style and
> > illumination and variations of that style on each page. From early 5th
> century
> > Italian manuscripts brought up to Canterbury by Saint Augustine, through
> the Celtic
> > manuscripts, Carolingian works, the manuscripts of the Normans through
> > manuscripts of northern Europe all the way through history to modern
> penmanship
> > from the 20th century; I explored and immersed myself into the styles
> the
> > artistic perspectives of the times always remembering the intent of the
> people
> > which was to make the Bible as beautiful as possible.
> >        Recently I saw a Renaissance cover to a Bible made by Peter
> Schoeffer
> > Printer of Mainz, made in the 1480s which was made of tooled leather and
> was
> > thinking of something along those lines to cover this Bible and the
> Gospel.  It
> > had an interwoven pattern as one would see in a Celtic manuscript
> in
> > the leather. I would be interested in people's knowledge of this type of
> > leather work?
> >
> > Sincerely,
> >
> > James G. Pepper
> > Biblical Scribe
> > Images of my Bible are on this webpage but if the link does not transmit
> you
> > can find my website using my name in Google.
> > www.hometown.aol.com/biblescribe1/biblescribe1/index.htm

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