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[BKARTS] Public apology to James Pepper

Dear James,
Please please please forgive me for a terrible faux pas that looks far worse
than was truly meant.  I think your work is beautiful and tremendously
valuable both to the world of books and to the worls of religious texts.

The comment that I MEANT to send to my husband was a joke that my husband
would understand, and was NOT meant to be sent to the list or to otherwise
denigrate your work.  In actuality, immersing myself in something like you
have done is something that I would be apt to do, much to the chagrin of my
husband who often does not understand my obsessions.  So my message to him,
which has now caused me undue embarassment, was *really* to illustrate that
there are others like me...

Oh dear, there's really nothing much that I can say that will make this
sound any better.

Please know that I admire your work, and do not mean to cause you pain or

That is all saved for me right now...

Ann Kingman

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