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Re: [BKARTS] Chinese Joss paper

I've heard the same concerns about using the pretty Joss Paper squares too.
Perhaps someone on this list of the traditional Asian persuasion could
comment on the propriety of using them for strictly decorative effects.

Patrice Baldwin

it was burned in memory of deceased loved ones, and hence
>considered somewhat sacred. I, personally, feel reticent to use joss paper
>unless the work is related to death in some way, though I have much of it in
>different styles--simply for its beauty. Perhaps I am being too strict with
>on 11/23/03 3:00 PM, Beverly Snow at snow-bee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Funeral paper is also called joss paper.  Joss is chinese for luck.  At
>> celebrations and ceremonies they hold the paper in their hand, and poke a
>> stick of insense through it so they can hold the bottom end of the insense
>> between their fingers.  As the insense burns, the joss paper catches the
>> ashes.  They toss the paper and ashes in a fire at the end of the service.
>> Bev
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