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Re: [BKARTS] Remarks made in public forums

Unfortunate that Ms. Kingman's message was inadvertently sent to the list....but it is more than obvious that it was NOT intended to.... and I confess that my instinctive reaction to Mr. Pepper's email was very much along the same lines.... apologies to Mr. Pepper but give her a break.

Jennifer Rowan
Eugene, Oregon

At 02:16 PM 11/24/2003, you wrote:
I must write about my great discomfort in reading  Ann Kingman's
remark, "If I ever become this obsessive about anything, shoot
me...."  concerning James Pepper and his work. Mr. Pepper's
dedication and perseverance are unusual and impressive, whether or
not we agree with them as a way of working for ourselves.  I feel Ms.
Kingman's kind of remark does not belong on a public forum such as
June-Etta Chenard

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