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Re: [BKARTS] Completed the Gospel of Saint Mark Hand Written and Illuminated

S.A. Neff, Jr. of Pittsburg, PA showed how he tooled a complicated,
interwoven pattern such as this on leather at the Guild of Book Workers
Standards of Excellence Seminar in 2001.  Other skilled leather toolers
would also be able to advise you.  Thisis difficult work, but of course
possible to do if you have the skill.

Signa Houghteling

Subject: Completed the Gospel of Saint Mark Hand Written and Illuminated

>         After two and a half years I have completed my second edition of
> Gospel of Saint Mark, an illuminated manuscript completely hand made by
> man. Whereas I completed the New Testament several years ago, I decided to
> a very ornate illuminated manuscript of the 4 Gospels to reflect our
times.  I
> do not use computers to make this Bible, I do it the old fashioned way as
> has been done for the past 2000 years, as it is a devotion, and to
> to know, and to share the experiences of all those who have done this
> me.  I rely on inspiration and faith to design each page, from the layout
> the handwriting, to the illuminations and illuminated text, everything is
> from scratch, you can see the hand of the man who made it!
>        It is the Authorized Version of 1611 otherwise known as the King
> Version and I have the blessings of His Holiness John Paul II, the
> of York, the Bishop of Durham, the Bishop of Peterborough who is the head
> the Liturgical Commission of the Anglican Communion and I am correcting
> punctuation using a Bible given to me by the Archbishop of Canterbury for
> purpose. Pages of my Bible were placed on display in Florence last year
and the
> year before at the City and the Book Congresses and at the Calligraphy
> Workshops following the Congresses.  And I have been invited to show the
Bible at
> the Congresses in Florence again in 2004 and in 2005 at Jarrow (Northern
> England, the home of Bede and the church that directed the making of the
> Amiatinus and the Lindisfarne Gospels in the 7th and 8th centuries).
>         It is 121 pages in length not including the Chi Rho page and the
> cross pages, and I am scanning it now and have it about half way done in
> scanning. I thank everyone on the Book Arts List who have given me
suggestions on
> the scanning of this Bible and particularly to the folks at the Getty
> for their efforts. The difficulty in the scanning is the reflection of the
> silver, copper, steel, and bronze reflections.  Particularly in the
> work, the etching of the metals. This is not a subject that is normally
> addressed and it is extremely difficult to get the scans to look correct.
It got to
> the point where I had a collection of Adobe Photoshop Gurus arguing over
> procedure as they found it most difficult.  It seems that the simplest
> become the most complicated in our modern world!  Computers are used to
> the work to print it, but as far as the manuscript is concerned it is a
> completely hand made work.  These same problems are found in the imaging
of the Book
> of Kells and other great Bibles. The manuscript is 11 by 14 inches in size
> will be a large book.
>        Each chapter I used a different historical manuscript style and
> illumination and variations of that style on each page. From early 5th
> Italian manuscripts brought up to Canterbury by Saint Augustine, through
the Celtic
> manuscripts, Carolingian works, the manuscripts of the Normans through the
> manuscripts of northern Europe all the way through history to modern
> from the 20th century; I explored and immersed myself into the styles and
> artistic perspectives of the times always remembering the intent of the
> which was to make the Bible as beautiful as possible.
>        Recently I saw a Renaissance cover to a Bible made by Peter
> Printer of Mainz, made in the 1480s which was made of tooled leather and
> thinking of something along those lines to cover this Bible and the
Gospel.  It
> had an interwoven pattern as one would see in a Celtic manuscript embossed
> the leather. I would be interested in people's knowledge of this type of
> leather work?
> Sincerely,
> James G. Pepper
> Biblical Scribe
> Images of my Bible are on this webpage but if the link does not transmit
> can find my website using my name in Google.
> www.hometown.aol.com/biblescribe1/biblescribe1/index.htm

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