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Re: [BKARTS] Remarks made in public forums

Though, James, I think the problem is that *Mr Pepper* was criticized,
rather than his work -- publicly displayed work is fair game, more or less,
but we should try not to be too critical of people, especially in a forum
like this (New York Y*nkees fans excepted; they can all fry in hell). (And
the whole thing was just an awful accident, anyway [The Comment, not the
ALCS]). And as for the anonymity of the original Biblical scribes, well: How
many names do we know of *any* people of that era, other than kings and

On a more bookish note, I just re-read, and HIGHLY recommend, Paper Before
Print: The History and Impact of Paper in the Islamic World, by Jonathan
Bloom. It is a *fantastic* read, both scholarly and readable, and
beautifully illustrated. It nicely describes just how wildly transformative
paper was, and is also very informative on the history of printing and
literacy in the Arabic-speaking world. Good stuff.

Still-Bitter Red Sox Fan

Paper will stand anything you write on it.
 -- Lenin
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Subject: Remarks made in public forums

> i assume that mr pepper invites comment on his work and attitudes else he
> would not be quite so unrelenting in his self promotion. surely his long
study of
> biblical manuscripts has taught him the anonymity common to most of his
> predecessors, if not the value of that anonymity.
> while i applaud his dedication to his projects i am only sorry that the
> results, to use the vernacular, so suck big time. more not less criticism
is what
> we all need for our lives and work to progress.
> ms kingman's only sin is to have inadvertently made public her comments
> many of us must have felt. her civility in her apology, i would suggest,
> exceeds that of her responders. best, james

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