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Re: [BKARTS] accent marks

The post from Audrey (or is that from Kevin Martin-- it's hard to tell ;>)
is correct. I keep the Windows Character Map icon on my desktop for the
ones I don't use frequently. If you can't find it in Start, Programs,
Accessories, you may find it with "My Computer."Go to
or Search for charmap.exe if it's not in your Windows directory and you can
rightclick and drag it to your desktop from there to create a shortcut
icon, or just launch it from there.
Or copy that address into Start/Run and launch it from there.

I use a different alternate character set than the one Rachael suggested,
that has one less keystroke. For example, to get "é" with Rachael's set I
just typed <alt>0233 but with the set I generally use I type <alt>130 to
get "é." Not everyone may view the two examples I typed in this paragraph
as e-acute. The problem occurs, as most of us have seen from various
"gibberish" posts on this list, is that what looks perfectly fine on your
screen when you send it may show up as a bunch of peculiar characters on
someone else's computer, or in the list archive. For example, yesterday's
list archive includes "[BKARTS] Re: ?xA0; ?xA0; ?xA0; [BKARTS] Photography
Artist Book Collections."

There are several conventions, as Audrey/Kevin indicates, Dos based,
Windows based, etc. For a short guide to the concept of the DOS ECS,
Windows ANSI, NT Unicode, ISO and other systems, there are many resources,
such as


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