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Re: [BKARTS] accent marks: test

More on this. Please skip reading this if you are not interested in
typography issues that relate to html formatting on this list. Looking at
the archive of my last post, both of the e-acute methods I used show up as

here I am typing (a question mark x E 9 semicolon) as a string:

That makes a more interesting typographic exercise of it, as it appears
that it tried to make it follow an extended character set, but failed
because the list archive takes the body of the text and sets it between
<pre>preformat</pre> tags.  I am going to make a couple of tests here and
see how they appear in the archive.  It would also be interesting to know
if people receive them correctly or not on various systems. I will then
send another e-mail to the list that is html formatted by the email program
(Netscape 4.7).

Here I will insert  a "/pre" tag before the e-acute character and a "pre"
tag after it to see if that bypasses the listserver preformatting and shows
the character correctly:

It may also work to add other html tags, like bold and font color, between
the un-preformat tags:
</pre><a href="http://bookarts.net";><b><font

which is intended to appear in the archive as a bold red active link. The
other way is to use the alternate html character set that uses
"ampersand""eacute"semicolon" to get an acute e as in &eacute;.


or to forego the final preformat tag as in:
<font size="4" color="#FF00FF"><center>Peut être c'est au
<font size="2" color="black">

here I am again typing (a question mark x E 9 semicolon) as a string:

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