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Re: [BKARTS] Joss Paper

I'm new to the list - I've been following the threads for a few
months. And in particular, the subject of joss paper, I'd have to
agree with Shu-Ju.

Growing up with a grandmother who's Buddhist, I was allowed to help
her fold the joss sheets into the ancient shaped gold bars to burn
for my long deceased grandfather. In the general everyday sense, even
now, I'm well grown up and married, I'm not even allowed to touch the
stuff with my mom and dad present. Shu-Ju is right when she (and I)
see it used out of context and wonder if the artists really know what
the stuff is for.

I would kindly advise only to use this kind of paper when absolutely
necessary and appropriate to the subject. For most Asians, even the
modern folk, seeing joss paper evokes a feeling of death.

My mother too was horrified when we walked through an Asian market in
NYC Chinatown and I told her how beautiful I thought the stuff was.

I don't if this answers the initial question posted but a possibility
would be to use more archival type papers paired with gold leaf?

My two cents.



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