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[BKARTS] Posting to book_arts-l

>I am sending this for Julia Seko, because the list wouldn't accept her

The rules have changed, probably during last weekend's host service. As
part of my typography test with accented letters I sent a message composed
in html on Netscape Communicator 4.7.  That message was not distributed and
did not appear in the archive. As recently as Nov. 18 you could still post
html messages.

The advantage of that is you can control the typography, compose messages
with images, and have text links embedded in the message. On the archive
pages the messages display wrapped to your screen width. That is a big
help. Some people have their e-mail set for no line break, which makes the
archive version unreadable on most browsers. Compare, for example, this
html message

with this:

I would prefer a return to html on the listserv, but perhaps the
proliferation of viruses has exceeded the ability of the server to filter
them out, and maybe that's why they switched to rejecting all html posting.

Peter, would you please find out about this and let us know?

Furthermore, the result of my test is that the message I posted was
received (in a Windows e-mail program) by listserv distribution with the
accents intact, and can be forwarded with intact accented letters, but in
the archive the accents all display as code:


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