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Re: [BKARTS] Paper Holiday Ornaments

I've sometimes taught papermaking to kids around Christmas, and we've
used slightly higher tech equipment (Lee McDonald simple moulds) with
similar results. This idea can include cards, shape books,  mobiles,
crèche scenes; and don't forget to add glitter and tada! all kids are
happy. Amazing what colors can be made by adding tissue paper or
construction paper to the blender. I usually use a bit of abaca to keep
some structural integrity for the kids projects. (I want them to get
them home.) Restraint drying the pieces on the windows makes the
experience ever more fun. Water management in carpeted classrooms is the
only real challenge. One class of disabled kids sent me a manilla
envelope full of wonderful thank you cards on their own paper. Oh the
Velma Bolyard

Darrell Ross wrote:

Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if this was posted so I'll try again.

I recently taught a intro to papermaking class for kids and had them make
these neat ornaments or decorations. I thought this might be a neat fun project
for you to share some quality time in the evening. Maybe someone can think of
other things to make this way.

Go to my website for instructions - its easy, fun and who knows maybe the
creative types might think of neat book-projects using this technique.

Go to: <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/darrellsross/holiday.html";>

I'd love to hear if anybody thought of other uses so that i can share them
with my students.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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