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[BKARTS] new member bearing GIFs ... virus & royalty free! : )

Thank you for accepting me into your group.
I?m a high school Computer Applications and English Language Arts teacher
who has joined the group because I love reading and collecting books and
because I would like to introduce you to my husband, Alfredo.
Alfredo is an artist with his degree from Rome?s Fine Art University. For
the past year, he has been meticulously and painstakingly redrawing
beautiful illuminated manuscript art of the Renaissance and Medieval
Many list members will find his work of interest to them professionally as
well as for personal use.  There are three CD volumes; the full contents of
each volume are available online for your preview at http://www.alfredom.com
The illuminated manuscript art comes in graphic formats that are easily
employed in any word processing, email or html documents.
Every graphic element also appears in vector graphic format making it
possible to modify the graphics.  That is a great feature for professional
artists involved in book production.  These are not scanned files of an
original; each is a hand-drawn, digital reproduction.
The third CD, just released, contains stunningly beautiful dressed Cap
Letters, along with various borders and ornamentations that complement the
dressed letter color scheme.
This list serve doesn?t accept email with graphic files inserted.  If you
would like a beautiful sample that you may freely employ in your own emails
or documents, send me a reply through mailto:anita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx . I will
send you a beautiful, floral divider that is yours to enjoy royalty-free.
Please know, too, that neither of us approve of email spam or other
despicable intrusions on privacy. If you respond, asking for a free sample,
your email address will not be saved for any purpose.
You may, also, feel more at ease to know that I employ fully updated Norton?
s Anti-Virus, assuring that all out-going mail is virus-free.
You can write to Alfredo and ask him directly any questions about his work
or art in general; he knows much about how things were made in the past.
Maybe he will eventually join this mail list himself. His degree, with
highest honors, is in Arts & Crafts, Art and Architectural History. Though
Alfredo is self-taught with English, he?s fluent in Italian and conversant
in French and Spanish if you prefer to write in those languages.
mailto:alfredo@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:alfredo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Again, thank you for welcoming me to your group.
Very sincerely yours,
Anita Malchiodi Albedi
Fairfield, California

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