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[BKARTS] Binders Board

We here at Talas WILL be stocking blue board in the future, The Eterno Board
by Tschudi, but do not have the room in our current location as of yet.  The
board we will be carrying is of Swiss origin and is absolutely beautiful
material, all that we have shown it to have loved it!  It is extremely
dense, but also 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fiber and is truly acid free,
unlike what Davey acid-free, Oliner, and other binders boards claim to be.
Other boards contain a high percentage of post consumer paper pulp
(recycled) and contain lignin, metal, and other trace elements that are
undesirable for conservation use, and are simply highly buffered to a point
where they can call it acid-free.  This board that we will be carrying is
the finest board we have found anywhere in the world, and will keep everyone
informed at to when we have it available.  Additional information on this
product can be found on our web site at this address:

Aaron Salik

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