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[BKARTS] Trail against curator Armory Museum, Delft, The Netherlands

Trail against curator Armory Museum, Delft, The Netherlands

Today the trial against a curator of the Armory Museum in Delft, The
Netherlands, took place. The defendant has been stealing books,
prints, and paintings from the museum's collection for at least the
past four years. The D.A. is convinced that the defendant not only
harmed his profession's confidentiality, but also caused severe
damage to the Netherland's cultural heritage. The stolen collection
items were sold to 'friends', one of his colleagues in the museum,
and some 900 prints to an antiquarian bookdealer in Leiden, The

Several of the damaged books were displayed at the trial.

Of one of the museum's absolute highlights - Vues des champs de
bataille de Napoléon en Italie 1796, 1797 et 1800 / Bagetti. - Paris,
1835 - 47 of 67 prints were removed. Only two complete copies remain
of this book. One in the British Library, and one in the French
Bibliotheque National.

The D.A. demanded the following sentence:

- 30 months imprisonment (8 of which provisory);
- provisional damages to be paid ? 52.000,00 (pending a civil law
- prohibition to work as a museum curator for six years.

The D.A. is convinced that the defendant only admitted thefts that
have been proved without any doubt, and that he showed little
willingness to solve all thefts.

Verdict: December 16, 2003




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