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Re: [BKARTS] Portland book arts

Oregon College of Art and Craft <www.OCAC.edu> has a great book arts
department; I don't know if there will be an event during the time of
your visit, but you can give them a call while you're here.  On Dec 10,
there should be the regular monthly gathering of Portland book artists
-- if you haven't heard from Andrew, I can pass on the details when he
sends it out. There's Reading Frenzy <www.readingfrenzy.com/>, a small
storefront bookstore that carries independently published materials.
Upstairs from that is IPRC <www.iprc.org>, an organization of
independent publishers, and you can see if they have anything going on

Doug Shafer is showing his paintings and manuscripts at Butters Gallery
< www.buttersgallery.com> during December. Unfortunately, you'll be
just one week too early to see Mare Blocker's exhibit at the library.

http://www.fingerstothebone.com    updated November 2003
paintings, drawings, prints, artist's books

On Dec 2, 2003, at 3:11 PM, Diane Cassidy wrote:

I will be in Portland, Oregon   Dec 7 - 11 and was wondering where I
can find
any Book Arts related events or organizations.   Thanks     Diane

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