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Re: [BKARTS] Portland book arts

I recommend bringing layers to add warmth, as well as something for rain. Can be pretty mild or reeeeely cold in Portland. An extra pair of shoes is a good idea, as well—so that wet ones can dry.

Art Media has a very good paper department. Their downtown store is located near the Public Library, (902 SW Yamhill St, Portland, OR, (503) 223-3724). I get the greedys everytime I visit. Also, The Real Mother Goose, a store of hand-made art objects, across Yamhill from Art Media—not much for book arts, but a shop of many wonderful things. Parking is easy in the structure at that corner, and economical, as well.

The Pearl District near Powells City of Books is a revitalized area of new shops and galleries. Used to be light industrial, then artists' studios, now gentrified. Can find almost anything there.

I try to visit the Japanese Garden whenever I'm in Portland. It's one of the best in the US.

The Oregon Book Arts Guild is centered in Portland, but I think it's pretty loosely organized. Patty Grass is one of the movers/shakers.

Eugene, OR

On Tuesday, December 2, 2003, at 11:22 PM, DT Fletcher wrote:

Not really book arts, but, you might want to drop by Powell's Books on
Burnside. I know they used to have a small publication on the other book stores in
Portland. It would also be a great place to look for any books you might
want. It's a landmark location in Portland.

Be prepared for rain.

D T Fletcher

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