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Re: [BKARTS] Portland book arts

Portland also has a rich collection of book arts that I oversee here at the
Multnomah County Library's John Wilson Room.  It's growing steadily and has
some fabulous treasures, if I do say so myself, including many books by
contemporary book artists, and well as many boxes of printed ephemera by
letterpress printers.

And if you were arriving just a bit later, a major book arts exhibition that
I am curating featuring the work of Mare Blocker and her MKimberly Press--a
twenty-year retrospective--will be opening on December 18th (through
February 13) in our Collins Gallery; formal announcement to soon follow on
Book Arts-L.

Before and after that, however, there is a small book arts exhibition--just
installed--in the John Wilson Room featuring a wonderful and stunning new
gift, the three-volume ORESTEIA from the Gehenna Press (an edition of 60)
with 47 large woodcut prints by Leonard Baskin with bindings by Claudia
Cohen, along with related works from our collections.

Contact me if you'd like more information, such as our hours etc..

     Jim Carmin
     John Wilson Room Librarian
     Multnomah County Library
     801 SW 10th Ave.
     Portland, OR 97205
     tel: 503-988-6287
     email: jimc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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