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Re: [BKARTS] blind tooling mistakes

Dear Florian,

On the 7th December you wrote:

>At the moment I am doing some blind tooling on beige smooth leather.
Therefore I use some pallets with fine lines. The problem is that even
the smallest mistakes are visible. So I was wondering if there is a way
to correct blind tooling mistakes?   Thanks in advance.    Florian.


The wonderful property of leather is its flexibility.  It can be worked and
stretched to all shapes and sizes.  Leather is most giving and forgiving!
Consequently, corrections can be made in tooling work.  The softer the skin, the
more likely of success.  As long as the surface of the leather is not burnt,
which may easily happen if the tool is sufficiently hot -and this may have been
the intention, in order to achieve the darker effect - it is quite possible that
one can raise up the impressed areas and be left with the more-or-less
unblemished surface.

It requires patience and quietness of mind.  Place a piece of medium thickness
uncoated paper over the area, and begin to work it with a bone or Teflon folder.
Keep working it gently, being careful not to dig the sharp edge in.  Also work
with the smooth area near the edge.  A Teflon folder is useful because it is
flexible, and gives;  it can also be worked directly on the leather.  Get in
touch with the area under your folder, and let that be your guide to pressure.

We have had almost complete success in raising impressions.  In fact usually our
corrections entail having to remove gold first, and then raising the impression
back to flush position, before starting again.

We hope that you have success with this approach.

Peter Krantz

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