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I had the pleasure of working with Martha just a few months ago during the
last 2003 session of Haystack.  In the class everyone designed an artist
book and then produced 20 copies.  At the end of class we all exchanged

Martha designed an insightful book called "When I was unconscious..." about
a recent hospital stay.  It was a double-sided concertina with frames to
hold three mobiles.  She had definite ideas on how the book would turn out
and was determined to hold herself to her usual high standards.  In the end,
time and her health prevented a full realization of her goal and she
graciously allowed the class to participate in her project so that we could
each take home a copy.

When we parted we agreed that we would be "friends forever."  Every time I
handle her book I recall her grit, wit, determination and inspiring
originality.  Run, don't walk, if you get the opportunity to go see her
books.  You won't be disappointed.

Ed (Hutchins)

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