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Re: [BKARTS] recipe for corn starch paste?

I don't know if this is the way your original recipe worked, but here's
how I do it:

Put some cornstarch in a bowl and add enough cold water so that it's
just liquid and doesn't give any resistance when stirred. Bring a kettle
of water to a boil. While stirring steadily, pour the boiling water into
the starch in a steady stream until it thickens. You may have to try
this a couple of times until it works. Cover with plastic wrap or a wet
paper towel.If initially it seems too thick you can thin it out with hot
water. And if it comes out too thin you can continue to cook it in a
double boiler until it makes.
You can also cook it from the start, but I'm always in too much of a
hurry to do that...

Don Rash

Pat Crawshaw wrote:
> Years ago I took a beginners bookbinding course where we were shown
> how to make paste from ordinary kitchen-type corn starch. I really
> liked the way it worked but now that I am getting interested in the
> craft again I can find no trace of the "recipe".
> My searches in the archives have not turned up any proportions  of
> starch to water though the method seems pretty clear. Can anybody help
> me out - or tell me why it's a bad idea anyway?
> Thanks.
> Pat

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