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Re: [BKARTS] recipe for corn starch paste?

I have been making a corn starch paste that works
quite well for several applications:

bring 8c of water to a boil

while the water is heating, whisk together

 1c. ice cold water with
 1 c corn starch

drizzle the starch mixture into the boiling water;

let cool with the lid off-set - remove any skin that
forms on the surface.

it is the soup thickener idea so,

refrigerate after reaching room temperature if not
used right away.  The corn starch paste will last
upwards of a week, and I find it best to make it 24 +
hours ahead of time. Makes a good mix for paste papers

--- Pat Crawshaw <patcrawshaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Years ago I took a beginners bookbinding course
> where we were shown
> how to make paste from ordinary kitchen-type corn
> starch. I really
> liked the way it worked but now that I am getting
> interested in the
> craft again I can find no trace of the "recipe".=20
> My searches in the archives have not turned up any
> proportions  of
> starch to water though the method seems pretty
> clear. Can anybody help
> me out - or tell me why it's a bad idea anyway?
> Thanks.
> Pat

Robert Possehl
E4603 StH 82
Viroqua, WI 54665


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