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I am truly saddened to hear of Martha Hall's passing.

I am thankful to Alice Simpson for introducing me to
Martha and her books when we exhibited together in an
show on cancer and illness.  Many of Martha's books
will always resonate with me, in particular, "Voices"
about the cold, detached ways doctors talk to
patients.  One of Martha's oncologists spoke of how
this book and others have helped sensitize her to
patients and how she is using the books when teaching
medical students.

I was fortunate to have had an opportunity to meet
with Martha again this Fall and share in her opening
reception at Smith College.  Although quite ill, she
was incredibly energized.  She spoke frankly of her
illness and her books.  It was wonderful to see her
surrounded by her work, her family, her friends, her
oncologist, and the staff and book arts' students at
Smith.  Although the nature of her work is quite
difficult, the opening was a real celebration and a
wonderful gift.

If you can see the exhibition at one of the venues it
is travelling to, it is absolutely worth the effort.
The work is also beautifully represented in the
catalogue "Holding On Holding In."  In addition to
seeing the images in the catalogue, one is able to
read the text of the books represented.   Martha was
very prolific, producing over 100 books, which Martin
Antonetti has meticulously catalogued.

Martha had a generous and courageous spirit that lives
on in her beautiful books.

Mindy Belloff
Intima Press

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