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Re: [BKARTS] corn starch paste

"Mix the corn starch and cold water in a large bowl until the starch is
"Mix the corn flour and cold water and stir until lumps are dissolved--"

Most recipes for paste begin this way, indicating the water (distilled) is
to be added to, or stirred into the dry ingredient, flour or some kind of
starch. Yet, most cooks, when making gravies and sauces, will always mix the
flour or cornstarch into a small amount of the cold water before adding the
rest of the water and heating it while stirring it constantly. In this way,
there will be no lumps to dissolve.

I remember my mother keeping a small covered jar which she would use to add
flour to cold water, shaking it vigorously before adding it to whatever she
was thickening. There were never any lumps.

Betty Storz

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