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Re: [BKARTS] rebinding a spiral

Does it use the dual loop wire (Wire comb) or spiral (Spring
like) binding pattern? If the spiral style wire is used it is
just a matter of uncrimping the ends and screwing the coil out,
making your changes and rescrewing the coil back in. However
you cannot reuse the dual loop elements once removed, and a new
element must be used to rebinfd the book.

For more information on dual loop binding, goto:


Click on "Watch" after:

Rilecart TP-480  semi-automatic dual-loop wire binder

--- henrietta <quilter@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have bought a new spiral notebook which is exactly the size
> to fit
> into my smaller purse.  However the wire spiral itself is
> wound to a
> rather large diameter, making it take up too much room.  I
> would like
> to take the spiral out, cover the boards with my own paper
> and rebind
> through the existing holes - how to do this? Since the pages
> are cut,
> not pamphlet style, is there some way to adapt the coptic
> stitch? - I
> want it to open flat.
> Why bother? you ask.  Because of course the text block is
> nicely
> ruled paper, which as we all know is basically impossible to
> find, if
> I wanted to make my own.  I have been known to use heavy
> weight graph
> paper for notebooks instead, but this notebook is here in
> front of me
> and it seems there might be a simple solution.
> Thanks for your help,  Henrietta
> --
> Henrietta in Blue Hill, Maine

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