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[BKARTS] Michael Chrisman:


The following are my contact details:

Michael L. Chrisman
Philadelphia Conservation
1721 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Tele: 267.984.6438
email: mrbillypenn@xxxxxxx

By the prompting and kind support of certain high level (and well
known) professionals/friends in our field, I will be publishing an
'open letter' in an upcoming edition of a major trade journal (to be
named in the near future on this "List"), which will give full
explanation of certain past difficulties. The two recent subscriber
entries mentioning me have been fully satisfied, and are more than
happy with their purchases. There have, indeed, been some difficult
situations (and, sadly, some flatly false, nasty, and undeserved
rumors; having no foundation whatsoever in "truth") in the past that
have cast an unfavorable light; however, these will be clearly and
truthfully addressed, publicly. I am open to communicate (by email,
or in person) with anyone needing further information prior to the
'open letter.' I am very thankful for the fellow professionals in
our field that 'do' know the entire story, and withheld judgment
until they had heard the actual truth. There has been a lot of
judgment, and utterly false rumors, passed without "knowledge." And
I will also share a degree of the blame for that, since I have
probably remained "too" quiet. Additionally, it should perhaps be
publicly stated that our company [Philadelphia Conservation] has no
commercial connection whatsoever, and never has had, with 'The
Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts', AKA: [CCAHA].
We operate a thriving and vibrant rare book and paper
conservation/restoration business here in 'Rittenhouse Square'
Philadelphia on the first and ground floors of our Victorian-era
Townhouse. My wife and I have been very pleased this past year to
open our home and labs to many fellow conservators/bookbinders,
librarians, curators, students, and others. Therefore, please allow
this information to suffice that we are indeed "very" much in
business; very much "reachable"; and serving a great many high level
collector's, institutions, dealers in rare books, maps, prints,
manuscripts, etc., not only in the Philadelphia, PA area, but across
the USA, and abroad. I will not use the "List" as a 'sounding-board'
any further for settling/explaining rumors, difficulties, etc. Other
than to announce at a later date where the 'open letter' will
appear. Likewise, I trust that anyone who has a question, comment,
or concern would contact me directly. To do otherwise would be a
waste of most peoples time; not to mention excessively boring for
them! However, as stated above, anyone is welcome to contact me if
they feel the need to.

As a well known book worker recently said to me (when lamenting
about 'nasty gossip'): "It's true that good news never spreads as
fast as bad; and unfortunately too many people find "bad" news to be
much more fun!" To my many understanding friends, I say a resounding
"Thank You!" To my critic's, I invite you to the entire story before
passing judgment.

Michael Leroy Chrisman

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