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[BKARTS] Speechless:

I am without words. Forty-seven emails. Far too many for me to answer in a
timely fashion. Each one expressing, in one form or another, their
encouragement. All positive. So, I'll post here a hearty "Thank you" to all. Thank you,
very kindly. I can't express the energy that ran through me as I read them! I was
shocked and grateful at the same time! Thanks for remembering many good
things! Thanks also to Terry Belanger for his kind 'follow-up' posting and
expression of satisfaction. Very appreciated! His Rare Book School is invaluable to
the craft. Quite a few asked me about my manuscript: "The Restoration of Cloth
Bindings," and when (or if) it will ever be published. The answer is: it will
indeed! My dear wife has completed a final editing of the manuscript, and has
composed an appendix for the work. The final photo's and lovely pencil
illustrations are being chosen now. We are working with a publisher, and hoping to
make it available by summer '04. Thanks to those who inquired.

In closing, I'd like to submit what could possibly be a worthwhile contact
for many:

Irion Lumber Company
P.O. Box 954
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania 16901-0954
Tele: 570-724-1895
Fax: 570-724-1141

Lou Irion and his company are one of the finest 18c reproduction
furniture makers worldwide. They purvey the highest quality wooden
boards I have ever seen. And as a former an "Amish" man, and lumber
grader for a few of the 'early' years, I have seen a lot. Their
wooden boards can be purchased singly or in quantity. They are happy
to ship by UPS. We are currently creating 'one hundred' late 15th
century style wooden board bindings (17" x  22") with dovetailed
wooden (half leather) clamshell boxes, and have received our initial
shipment of solid mahogany boards from them. Stunning! So if you're
in need of 'any' type of specialty wood, of exceptional quality, you
should consider checking them out.

Reproduction 19th Century Bookcloth:
On a recent trip to Seoul, Korea to visit my wife's family, we
stumbled onto a very interesting (small) private textile
manufacturing business just outside the city. I asked them (or my
wife did, rather) if they could produce a thin linen bookcloth
reproducing the colors and grains of some of the 19th century
bookcloths. The owner walked away and pulled back a dusty old crate
that contained male/female cloth embossing rollers! We sent them
samples of four original cloths, and they are making a nice
selection of cloths for us in three different grains.
Pebble/Morocco/Straight Grain. I will post their availability (and
which major supplier to contact) when the bolts arrive. We go to the
ROK again in January '04, so we'll be able to see the progress.

Michael and Minhee Chrisman

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