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[BKARTS] Michael Leeroy Chrisman

Dear Subscibers

I have read recently with incredulity the postings from Michael Leeroy
I wish to put the record straight in regard to Mr Chrisman's dealings
with companies here in the U.K.
Around five years ago Mr Chrisman persuaded me to send him a large
quantity of hand made paring knives, which I did, he then sold them all
to staff at the Library of Congress ( I know this as several of the
staff e-mailed me to tell me how pleased they were with them ).
Needless to say I still have not been paid for them ($400.00).
Yesterday I spoke to Roy Petit and Brian Skilton from P & S Engraving (
one of the most respected tool makers in the U.K if not the world) who
told me that at around the same time I was sending knives to Mr
Chrisman they were persuaded to ship a large quantity of tools to the
States for Mr Chrisman, (in excess of $1000.00 worth) Needless to say
they still have not been paid for them.
There are other firms and individuals who have had 'unfortunate
dealings' with Mr Chrisman, as soon I can confirm them I will post them
on this list.
I have been in the bookbinding community for over 25 years I have
always found the camaraderie, friendship, and exchange of
knowledge between fellow binders very uplifting, it has been as source
of great pleasure for me, which it why it is so devastating to find
someone who trades on those qualities, to obtain goods and services
without payment.
As chairman of the editorial board of the Society of Bookbinders I
can assure subscribers that no 'open letter' from Mr Chrisman will be
published the Bookbinder.

Yours sincerely

Trevor LLoyd


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